Our heartbeat speeds up when we hear words like: Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), Agrobot, Robotaxi, EV, Mobile, Automated, Autonomous, Electric…

We are focused on Mobile Robotics on the level of key systems, which we provide to the manufacturers of mobile robots and electric mobile machinery together with our application engineering expertise.



We continuously extend our network on the market as well as our offering…

For potential manufacturer partners: Our goal is to provide cutting edge products and technologies to the manufacturers of Mobile Robots. If you have a product, which can improve the future mobile robots, contact us and we can discuss how to bring it to the market or extend your market reach.

For potential system integrators and sales partners: Our home is Europe, from where we currently serve our global customer base. We are looking for local partners within and outside Europe with the goal to improve the support to our customers…

Contact us if you think we can partner in improving the sales and tech support to our customers building Mobile Robotic applications.