OUTDOOR Localization & Perception Unit



EZYPILOT is a Localization and Perception for Autonomous Mobile Robots and other low speed Autonomous Vehicles.

EZYPILOT fuses several sensors in dedicated processing unit in terms of HW and SW within a single unit product and thus makes the autonomous driving technology affordable also to lower volume applications.

Main functions are based on vision gathered by several cameras, which are fused with other sensors in order to provide accuracy, reliability and safety compliance. Depending on the product version EZYPILOT integrates Cameras, Ultrasonic sensors, IMU, GNSS-RTK, Flash LIDAR, Radar, Processing unit and connectivity devices.

The sensors capture the environmental data redundantly and process it with different SW modules with advanced algorithms based on Machine learning and Artificial intelligence. EZYPILOT primarily outputs the localization on the map and perception in terms of object detection, classification and its positioning relative to the vehicle. All sensors row data is also available to the customers on Ethernet (ROS) or CANbus for creating their own applications outside of the autonomous driving scope (e.g. detecting, counting, evaluating handling units in logistics, fruits in agriculture, etc…).