Outdoor Mobile robots are in most cases designed like light Electric vehicles (Robotaxi, bigger delivery robots, ect.), specially in terms of drivetrain, energy storage and charging on private and public infrastructure.

This VCU has been designed by automotive standards as a generic product for those EV projects, which doesn‘t reach automotive quantities and therefore – due to economical reasons - need a standard HW and SW base with possibility to make customizations in order to fulfill the application requirements.

The control unit features a powerful microcontroller designed for automotive safety applications. It utilizes MATLAB/Simulink based software development process to speed up the algorithm development by using automatic code and document generation. The flexible hardware design allows easy customization of functionalities as per customer specifications.

We provide the option to include new functionalities and applications as per our customers need. We provide TAPAS universal measurement and calibration protocol for calibrating the powertrain control unit.

We provide the option to run software code on the powertrain control unit that has been developed by our customers. This feature can run in parallel to all the powertrain control unit functionalities.

We deliver libraries and a package of MATLAB/ Simulink toolboxes to interface with all I/Os and calibration tool with access to all signals.