Turntable actuators

Integrated turning actuator solution in most compact form with standard interfaces for Mobile Robotic applications. Various sizes and designs including Through Hole Slip Ring options for endless rotation of the electric devices „on the other side“…

Lifting actuators

Standard and robust solution for lifting table actuation in G2P AMRs with EM brake and encoder feedback integrated for covering the complete set of application‘s requirements. Optional BLDC Drive with integrated control electronics for enhanced controllability and efficiency in High-end robotic applications.

Ask for special off-the-shelve units proven in outdoor mobile applications with high operational temperature range or units with ATEX certification for operation in explosive environments.

Chassis mechanics

Specially in the area of the Drive systems customers from western Europe decide to combine the sourcing of pre-assembled axis or complete chassis from Eastern Europe.

You can expect high quality at lower cost with our proven partners specialized in CNC machining, metal forming, welding and coating.